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Whether you wear a face mask should be your choice. Our Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit seeks to change an Alachua County Ordinance mandating that all shall wear masks.

Eagle-Glenn Law represents 5 Plaintiffs with medical conditions who cannot wear face masks. The Alachua County, Florida Commissioners and County Manager are forcing people to wear face masks outside of their homes. The Plaintiffs have been denied safe access to doctors appointments, food stores, and public transportation for not wearing face masks. We believe that face masks should be voluntary, just like the CDC and Florida Governors Office has said. 

Eagle-Glenn Law has taken on this case pro bono. We are seeking funds for the costs of litigation. Eagle-Glenn Law will not receive attorneys fees from donations. Funds donated will be used for costs of appeals, depositions, transcripts, expert witnesses, and other out-of-pocket costs. Any remaining funds at the end of the litigation  will be donated to a non-profit cause of the managing attorney’s choice.

We hope to make life better for all of us in Alachua County by checking the local government that thinks it can punish people for not wearing masks. We have a right to travel freely in our communities without fear and to make our own medical decisions. 

The case is filed in the Northern District of Florida, Gainesville Division. 
Case No. 20cv111

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